Fresh Pizza, Subs & Croissants

using fresh dough, vegetables and our special unique sauce.


Choose from Meat Speciality, Vegetarian or Cheese Pizza.

Subs & Croissants

Options available – Grilled Chicken, Turkey, Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham or Smoked Ham

Side Orders

Available options are Samosas, Muffins, Apple Fritters and Strudels


“Came here to get a pizza. Sadly they only had some of their pizzas available at that time (around 8pm) while some topping choices were also unavailable. Was hoping to get a large chicken pizza but it wasn’t available so I got a large half-cheese and half-vegetarian one. Took about fifteen minutes of waiting. There is a Tim Hortons attached here which was convenient during the wait. There are some seats there too which are handy if wanting to dine here. Pizza was delicious. Even our picky toddler enjoyed some. A nice amount of cheese and toppings. Crust was relatively thin and tasty. Service was friendly and efficient.”

— Imran Hayat

“I was camping in the area and ran out of propane so I stopped here. On the outside of the door there was a sign that read “Indian tea …… …….”. So I asked about it and Sona the owner let me know they were brewing some of this special Indian tea with Indian herbs and spices. I think it’s like what we Canadians call Chai tea at least that’s what it tastes like. It definitely has some sort of milk or cream and sugar and was delicious. I will probably always stop here to get the tea. Propane service was good too. The shop appears to be nice and clean and they have a nice assortment of Indian speciality foods.”

— Danielgcram